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September 1, 2017
By Sandra Rentería

Photography in Graphic Design

The importance of photography in graphic desing and brand communication.

Photography in Graphic Design

Have you ever been faced with the inability to explain something, so you have resorted to looking for an image on Google, that says everything you’re trying to say?

Since ancient times, mankind has resorted to using images to try to explain reality, that is – their thoughts and emotions, in a synthetic way, to the degree that many of the early languages were pictographic.

Currently, the ability to project and communicate a theme through a static image makes photography one of the most important elements in society and in Graphic Design: A well-selected photograph or a capture of the right moment can generate a longer visual impact, reinforce the idea that is being talked about and even tell the story all on its own.

Thanks to its high level of iconicity, photography for marketing purposes helps to facilitate the identification of a product or service, its benefits, its uses and/or the target audience, and it is a very important part in the positioning of a brand.

Currently there are many ways to get images to illustrate the ideas that a brand communicates through its  social networks; from stock images that can be accessed by means of a license, to photographs taken with the camera of a smartphone. However, for an image to achieve the desired impact, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the frame and to take into account that each client has an editorial style and specific characteristics, so it is important to stick to that personality.

When selecting an image to identify the topic addressed that identifies with the topic, we are able to reflect what is fundamental. The saying goes that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and to a large extent the image selection will affect the impact achieved.

In conclusion, the photographs must convey the message clearly and directly, have the best quality possible and support the strategy of the product or service that we seek to promote. In this sense the talent and creativity of the photographer is an invaluable factor.

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