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June 30, 2017
By Erik Torres

The Cloud for business

Every business can grow thanks to “the Cloud”

The Cloud for business

The cloud. You may have heard terms like “cloud storage” or “cloud computing” and although it is not a new concept it is something that has risen in popularity over the past couple of years. Most people when they hear “the cloud” they immediately think in where they store their images, emails, contacts, passwords and the list goes on but you may not know that there are services that are also cloud oriented.

Here in Mijo! we utilize these services on a daily basis, each one exponentially helping our day to day tasks be a slice of cheesecake topped with whipped cream. Fairly easy if that was not clear enough.

First, we’ll start with the essentials. Every business big or small requires a means of communication be it with clients or staff members. Given that messenger pigeons are a thing of the past and the Mexican post office is slower than Internet explorer, we recur the ever so trendy email or electronic mail for all those old fashioned out there. Our preferred service of email by excellence is Zoho, offering a diverse range of apps and services that go from the very basics of email service to your domain all the way to sales and marketing apps that will help your business elevate to the next level. If you are looking for free emailing service to a certain extent ( number of email accounts are limited, any aditional could generate a cost ), Zoho should be your first option.

As a creative, innovative and sexy agency, we require certain apps to maintain us sexy, what better way than Photoshop to hide our imperfections and make us look perfect. Adobe Creative Cloud offers a account based selection of apps to ensure that every creative necessity is met. Our most used apps would have to be Photoshop to make sure every image is drop dead gorgeous for you website / brochure / social media campaigns / everything. Illustrator for those tricky vectors, icons and website design. Experience Design, although still in beta, we have found to be an excellent app for website designs as it offers the classic tools from Photoshop and Illustrator while adding new features for web design and mockups.

Lastly like any office job, we require a way of documenting and organizing information be it for a presentation, official document of just to write down your password in case you forget it. Office 365 offers their most powerful tools for getting the job done, Office, Powerpoint, Excel among others that quite frankly i’m sure not everyone knows what it does, i’m looking at you Exchange. Having organized information in documents, spreadsheets and presentations will ensure that you will never be caught off guard in your next meeting.

So, looks very nice on paper but what are the benefits of Cloud based services, very simple, available anywhere anytime, that’s right you beautiful blog reader, all of these services offer the possibility of having them on any of your computers some even on your phone or tablet of your choosing ( some services limited to number of computer ).

Any business is only as strong as their apps and tools, Erik 2017. In Mijo! Brands we are always on the hunt for tools and apps that will make our job better while keeping up efficiency, to ensure that our clients get the very best out of our services.

Erik Torres is Web Developer at Mijo! Brands, a leading digital agency with offices in CDMX and Puerto Vallarta. Visit or contact us.


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