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May 5, 2017
By Sandra Rentería


How it can affect you doing several tasks at once


How many times have we found ourselves at the point of day where the things to do surpass human capacity to finish everything on time? So, we start to work on more than one assignment at a time, trying to advance as quickly as possible to avoid more work from accumulating and so that you can be free to enjoy what is left of the day.

Apart from how attractive it may sound to finish more than one job at a time, many times the consequences of multitasking can be negative if isn’t practiced in a “healthy” manner.

Being able to multitask can seem like an advantage at moment, of saving time and finishing assignments much more quickly, yet it can end up affecting not only the performance of the person who does it, but also, if you are creative or even in any profession, your performance and ability to think creatively diminish.

For example, while making graphics for some type of product or web design, not only are you working on that, but you are also working on answering emails, speaking with suppliers, and coordinating assignments with the team.

All these factors steal part of your attention and so from the 100%, only 25% of you is focused on each thing. Even though the work can be well-done with this percentage, it can eventually generate excessive tiredness, lesser quality in your work, and reduce productivity due to accumulated stress.

It is important to define schedules for each activity that needs to be done in the day, maintaining a balance and although everything is always urgent because the client is waiting for it, it is better to delay the delivery a little if it is necessary, to be sure that it is quality work.

 You want to be sure that you invested the time and creativity necessary and above all that we avoid overwhelming ourselves with pressures that will soon affect our health, above all because when we finish an assignment, there will invariably be changes and the list of things-to-do will become a never-ending cycle, so it’s better to just relax, enjoy your work and make an agenda of the more urgent to less urgent assignments so that you don’t get caught up in the rush.

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