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February 10, 2017
By Laura Maya

The Evolution of Marketing

Digital marketing can help you reach your audience better.

The Evolution of Marketing

The main dilemma that many entrepreneurs face today is bringing their product to the attention of potential customers, or in other words, advertisement. It is very likely that the first thing that comes to mind when facing this challenge are techniques of traditional marketing – through flyers, radio ads, print outs, or if financially able, ads on television or billboards.

However, today there are options that social campaigns can offer us in order to approach and interact with the specific market demographic that we’re targeting. While traditional marketing has worked for decades, the new digital marketing age has provided new benefits such as market segmentation, measurement of results in real time, and international reach.

Digital marketing is the ideal option if you’re starting a business on a budget. It is much more economic, more measurable and although not necessarily more visual, there are tools that can help you make your business extremely appealing such as Pinterest and Instagram that will put you on par with a reputable company.  

On the other hand, the use of digital marketing can create mistrust in the public by not having the product at hand, and can give rise to questions such as “who am I dealing with?” or “who am I giving my money to?” among others, by not being something tangible. Remember that there are still difficult-to-reach market segments through digital media. The magic is in knowing how to exploit the best of each type of media.  

What is certain is that both traditional and digital marketing options are beneficial as long as they are correctly oriented to the results you’re looking to achieve. Although if you have decided to adventure into digital promotion you must commit to your brand by maintaining quality content, maintaining interaction with the followers in your social networks, and making yourself very visually appealing because love is born from sight.

Laura Maya is the Administration and Human Resources Manager at Mijo! Brands, a creative digital agency leader in CDMX and Puerto Vallarta. Take a look at our projects at or contact us.


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