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January 23, 2017
By Valeria Ruelas

Apps You Need to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

Apps that you can not miss to start with the right foot this 2017

Apps You Need to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

It’s the beginning of 2017, and we’re ready to take on the world by making changes to our lives so that we can have our best year yet. Whether it’s losing weight, finding the love of our live, or saving money to travel to all the corners of the world that take our breath away.

We’ve decided share a list of several apps to make these dreams come true.

Apps to get your “beach body”:

Couch to 5k

If your thing for this year is to run like crazy, or even to run a marathon, this free fitness app will help you reach your fitness goal without feeling like you’re going to die.

Zombies, Run!

With this free application you will suffer just as all the characters of all your favorite zombie movies or shows did. It will make you forget how good cake, pizza and tacos taste, because otherwise, you will become zombie dinner. To make you feel more motivated, you'll be like the Brad Pitt of World War Z, and yes, you'll eventually look like him too.

Spotify Running

Well, we know that almost everyone is already a fan of Spotify, but most do not know that this application has a Running mode. It measures your running rhythm and Spotify plays music based on your beats per minute to help you maintain your pace.

Apps for Saving Money:


Your savior has come! Say goodbye to debt!

In this application you can assign a daily, weekly or monthly budget and record your daily expenses. The app tells you how much you have left and warns you not to go over budget, to avoid you crying in the streets once you look at your bank balance after a night out.


This app will help you feel like Carlos Slim.

If you want to take the bull by the horns and leave behind simply saving and start investing, Piggo will be your best friend – the kind of friend that gives you the best tips in a simple and clear way so that you become a being of light. All you have to do is give them money, and the app will invest in the Mexican Stock Exchange. Obviously, what you win will be focused on a goal that you have chosen from the beginning.

Pocket Expense

This app will watch you closer than the Illuminati. It will track ALL of your movements to identify a pattern in your expenses and then build a budget based on your daily expenses.

Apps to find your prince or princess of your story:


Maybe you already bought the wedding dress or the ring, but the only thing lacking is the one…cry no more! This app is the solution to your desperation.

Clover brings together the best of Tinder, Match, Zoosk, Plenty of Fish, and Ok Cupid and put it in the same app. You just have to fill in what you are looking for, and the application does the rest.


It’s probably happened to you, you meet someone that sweeps you off your feet, and you fall madly in love only to find out they’re a diehard Nickelback fan. You end up with a broken heart with “Somebody that I Used to Know” on repeat for a straight week.

Well, it’s your lucky day – Tastebuds will move you past those tragic stories by pairing you with people who have similar tastes to your own. Chad Kroeger will never come between you and your loved one again.


The cool thing about this app is that it’s up to the girls to take initiative to chat with the boys. They have 24 hours to say hello, send a Paulo Coelho quote, or whatever else they can come up with before their match disappears. Boys also have 24 hours to respond; otherwise the love story stops dead in its tracks.

Now you’re ready to go out and conquer the world. If by the end of the world you haven’t achieved anything…well that’s your bad. We did what we could. Maybe you should do a spiritual cleanse or ask an oracle for help.

Happy 2017!

Source: Sopitas 


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