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November 18, 2016
By Francisco Quinzaños

The World Business Forum in Mexico

Last October, Mexico hosted another edition of the World Business Forum

The World Business Forum in Mexico

Last October, Mexico City witnessed anotheredition of the World Business Forum (WOBI), where leaders from various branches such as Ken Segall, former Apple Creative Director, Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the most important characters in digital marketing or the former captain of FC Barcelona, Carles Puyol, served as speakers and spoke on topics such as leadership, competitiveness, strategic communication, business development and more.

With a television channel, a magazine and presence in the mainstream media, the World Business Forum has become one of the main business spaces, where important personalities not only tell the way in which they became leaders, but also about global trends, the present and the future in the business world.

Of course, digital marketing was one of the most important issues among the speakers, who agreed in their own words that society and business must adapt quickly and efficiently to the technological development and digital trends that currently reign .

Gary Vaynerchuk, who started his family business (wine sales) from an early age, managed to grow it to 60 million dollars in a period of only five years, and has become an enthusiastic investor of companies such as Twitter, Facebook and Uber, was one of those who talked about it with more enthusiasm and ensured that for a company to succeed today, it should focus mainly on trends and social networking, know how to behave and seek to grow, adapt, evolve and develop on this basis.

The vision of entrepreneurs who had the ability to generate multi-million dollar companies from scratch as FUBU founder Daymond John, who is also current star from the television show Shark Tank, gives us a different vision of how big companies come from simple ideas, how to made mistakes is not always a negative point and about the way in which a person can reinvent himself and his business so that they can stay current and in tune with the generational changes 

Stories like that of Uri Levine, one of the co-founders of Waze, a company that was sold for more than a billion dollars in 2013, serve as a starting point for entrepreneurs to leave behind the doubts and the fear of venturing to create their own businesses even though this requires a great deal of time, effort and work, but all that effort will worth it 

The words of Carles Puyol, former Barcelona former captain, a club where he won everything for more than a decade and one of the great characters of the Spanish World Champion title in South Africa 2010, serve as a reference to understand the importance of leadership, which is applied not only in sports but also in the business sector, the way a leader leads his team and leads to success without neglecting any of his teammates, and seeing for the good of the team and not only the personal benefit, since undoubtedly the second will lead to the first.

WOBI has been known for its successful forums around the world, as well as Mexico City, has presence in Guadalajara, Leon, New York, Milan, Madrid, Bogotá, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne.

With the slogan Be Beta, the 2016 edition of WOBI in Mexico City became a space where small entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs and workers could hear the voice of great personalities the way in which they succeeded so much Both personally and professionally, as well as the trends that rule the world today, so that companies become aware of the steps to be taken to maintain growth and better understand their consumers 

The 2017 edition promises the same spectacle (or surpasses it) with the slogan “humanification” and with confirmed speakers like Michael Phelps, Olympic multi-champion swimmer.

Francisco Quinzaños is Senior Editor at Mijo! Brands, a leading agency in CDMX and Puerto Vallarta. Know our projects at or contact us.


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