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October 21, 2016
By Juan Carlos Agatón

Nintendo announces their new hybrid console

This new consoles could make a turning point in the way we see videogames,

Nintendo announces their new hybrid console

After many rumors, social campaigns and speculation, Nintendo has made it official, and finally announced their new console. A device that wants to overcome the path charted by his predecessors, and presents, like the Japanese company uses to, a different way to play.

Meet the new Nintendo Switch and the importance of the revolutionary hybrid console from Nintendo.

After Nintendo announced on October 19 that the company would present their new product, the company´s market value has raised in 4.6%, which represents 1,000 million dollars, as for Bloomerangs´s information.

Switch works as a domestic console when is connected to the TV through a “dock”, but also as a mobile device once it´s separated from it. With this kind of hybrid concept, the player can start a game using the TV and continue playing in the street only by separating the device from the dock.

Which will be the console´s power compared with PS and Xbox?

Talking about console´s war and brand positioning, the power of this new console compared with PS or Xbox will be one of the most important topics. It is true that Nintendo has never followed the way of the “fps” and high resolution, but the difference offered by the traditional consoles will be very important in the decision of buying the Switch.

Will Nintendo set a trend in consoles?

The consoles future has been a topic for a long time, and predictions are not good for those who love this kind of videogames. Nintendo has decided that their way won´t be anymore in search of power, but the innovation in parallel processes (the controls, game mode, the audience they want to achieve) and maybe this hybrid console is the best way to survive, and other companies could choose in the future this method.

In a world where video games trend are aiming more and more to online interaction, companies have been working on web develop to have a better connectivity and user interaction, which makes an interesting decision from Nintendo to make a bet on this kind of product develop.

The proposal from Nintendo is definitely revolutionary, now it´s just matter of time to see the launch of the console and answer to our doubts, and of course, finally play the expected title “The Legend of Zelda: breath of the wild” and other titles seen on the thriller.

In Mijo! Brands, as a creative agency, we know that videogames have become an important part of the society, and Nintendo is one of the most important companies in the field. Technology evolution has allowed the videogame industry to grow, and the launch of this console can mean a turning point in the way in which so many consoles develop.

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