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July 8, 2016
By Ramón López

Should You Be Adding a Mobile App into Your Marketing Plan?

At Mijo! Brands, we have developed a number of factors that will help you decide if you need an app for your business.

Should You Be Adding a Mobile App into Your Marketing Plan?

We understand that users are increasingly consuming content through mobile devices because, unlike computers, mobile devices are with us all the time.  In Mexico, web traffic from mobile devices has increased considerably in recent years and, depending on the segment, it can represent more than half of the visits to a website. Similarly, the use of mobile applications is also following a trend of continuous growth. According to the latest study by AMIPCI (Mexican Internet Association), in Mexico there are about 50 million mobile users with internet access, representing 77% of total Internet users in Mexico.

These statistics confirm that a mobile or responsive website is an indispensable tool for any company. However, few have dared to take an even bolder step…(dramatic pause)….launching an app for your business.

Maybe it had crossed your mind, but you didn’t know how to get it off the ground. Maybe you think it is not essential for your business right now. In fact, you may be right, because an app isn’t just for any kind of company. So at Mijo! Brands, we have developed a number of factors that will help you decide if you need an app for your business. 

You May Need an App If:

  1. You need to maintain communication with your client. Messaging applications like Whatsapp are good customer service tools to a certain extent; however, when you need to centralize communication with your client and link that communication link to other areas like documents or an information search, it’s time to think about your own app.
  2. You have an extensive catalog of products.  An app allows your client to explore your entire catalog with ease.  Let your customers compare, save or to request notification of new products and offerings.
  3. You offer a rewards program or benefits to your customers. Let your customers carry your card digitally or have access to your profile, where they can access your information or real-time balances. Apply some gamification (game mechanics to motivate the user) and bam! Total success!
  4. You frequently have information that is of interest to your customers. For both media outlets and organizations that need to inform and update their members, an app can simplify the communication process, with options such as push notifications or “offline data” (to save items on your phone and consult them without an internet connection).
  5. You have internal processes that require information sharing. Scan, fill out forms, share, collaborate remotely, these are just some of the tasks that an app could help you simplify.

If your company identifies with any of the above examples, you need to start considering developing your own application. Note that both a website and the app are key, and it is recommended that both work in a complementary manner.  On the other hand, if none of the above statements really apply to your business, it is likely that a website is the best option to meet the needs of your consumers.

In either case, or if you still aren’t sure, Mijo! Brands can support and advise you on assessing both your needs and those of your target customer, making detailed diagnosis about what kind of solution your company needs.

Ramon Lopez is Partner – Director PV at Mijo! Brands, a leading digital agency in CDMX and Puerto Vallarta. For more information, please contact us.

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