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July 1, 2016
By Enrique Flores

Facing the fear of an empty canvas

Memorable and impactful ideas do not appear magically, they are the result of finding inspiration and then hours of work. So when it happens, how can we overcome a creative block?

Facing the fear of an empty canvas

How often do we face the always difficult task of having to create or design something from scratch? Chances are, it has happened countless times. It is a constant struggle in the life of a creative – whether a graphic designer, writer or artist – having a shortage of ideas until (hopefully) we have one at all.

In this changing world that is increasingly globalized, we need to look for ideas that can help us to develop our own concepts, and it is increasingly easy because we have countless blogs, websites, books, magazines and art shows at our fingertips. However, the real challenge is to find something really inspiring, to help you get that wonderful idea that will lead you to developing a memorable project. Memorable and impactful concepts aren’t just conjured up out of thin air. The ideas that have permeated the memory of consumers are the result of hours of creative work with a multidisciplinary team involved in the process, where all parties contribute their talent to bring an incredible idea to fruition.

There are many ways to combat the fear of a creative block. As a graphic designer, a personal practice of mine is to be constantly exchanging ideas with people who are part of my team. Brainstorming never hurts when developing a project and knowing the views and opinions of others will help to create a richer and more impactful project. Sometimes, taking a few minutes out can help us to get over a block: going outside for a walk, observing our surroundings or listening to some music are some of the ways to “reset” our minds and find that inspiration we seek.

Appreciating other creative work is also an excellent catalyst for ideas. This doesn’t mean to imitate or copy, but to learn to evolve. An excellent website where you can see work from thousands of designers and creative agencies from around the world on branding, illustration, art, photography and other projects is, a platform that acts as an online portfolio, allowing creatives to showcase their work to others which makes it a great tool in the search for inspiration.

The Creative Blog is another space created especially for designers, where you can see the latest trends, articles, image galleries and endless resources which are very useful when looking for new ideas.

Inspiration is an important part of life for a creative. It is an essential part in our work, because without it we would be stranded without direction on how to move forward on something as important as creating artistic pieces or products. So I recommend a daily dose of inspiration from reviewing sites or by following the above advice, to keep your inspiration flowing. This way you will never have to stare an empty canvas in the face for long.

Mijo! Brands is a multidisciplinary team comprised of graphic designers, publishers, programmers and web development and social media experts, which is always looking for innovative ideas to apply to the products and services create for clients.

If you have an idea for your brand but don’t know how to develop it, contact us. Let our creative team help you develop and implement your vision. Together, through our experience and professionalism and with your enthusiasm, we can color that blank canvas to turn it into a work of art that will captivate your customers.

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Enrique Flores is Senior Graphic Designer at Mijo! Brands, a leading digital agency with offices in CDMX and Puerto Vallarta.


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