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May 7, 2016
By Ángel Estrada

Mobile Responsive Sites: The Latent Digital Necessity

Mijo! Brands offers some tips for companies remain competitive in this digital revolution with this new mode of consumption on the Internet.

Mobile Responsive Sites:  The Latent Digital Necessity

The use of mobile devices is pervasive and permanent, with users spending vast amounts of their time accessing all types of information including news, entertainment and educational information.

If we examine the evolution of how information is consumed on mobile devices, we see that the first generation of applications and services were focused on gaming, the second generation focused on providing e-commerce services and reservations booking and the current third generation emphasizes leveraging the unique characteristics of mobile devices: geolocation (Uber, Swarm),  camera (Instagram, Facebook Live, Periscope), gyroscope (YouTube 360), etc., as user behavior influences the technology.

The current mobile user demands an increasingly personalized experience, which means that simply having a website is no longer enough. It is now necessary to implement new features, added values ​​or improved means of contact with the client through mobile websites, mobile applications, and digital marketing strategies. For example, by using geolocation you can provide the latest offerings to consumers within establishments and encourage them to purchase.

The importance of having an adaptive website and unique features is growing, keeping pace with the increasing trend of users consuming via the internet.  Companies must offer optimized sites to for both desktop and mobile to offer experiences and new tools which will engage their target market.

Mijo! Brands offers some tips for companies remain competitive in this digital revolution with this new mode of consumption on the Internet:

  • Make sure your website offers a good experience from any screen. If your brand does not yet have a website, no problem, now is the perfect time to start thinking from scratch and ensuring that mobile strategy is part of your online plan.  If you already have a mobile version of your website, you need to think about how you can improve the user experience and take advantage of new trends that are exciting to your user.
  • Stay current with mobile trends to generate participation from and the loyalty of your customers. This can includes tools, content and services that allow end users have a personalized experience and obtain the service and / or product they need.
  • Focus on the mobile experience. Most brands think that having a website that is displayed correctly on a desktop computer is the most important thing to create a good experience for their users. However, it is important to remember that handheld devices are often where consumers make their first point of contact with a brand, so an excellent mobile experience is key.  Consumers use their phones and tablets to make informed purchase decisions where they able to immediately see detailed product information, reviews from other users, compare prices, etc.  By providing an outstanding mobile experience which is easy to use and fast, you can turn your website into your company’s best sales agent.

 Reaching your target market is now easier than ever, at any time and place. If you are ready to begin or strengthen your mobile digital campaign and get on the screens of your positional customer’s mobile devices, contact Mijo! Brands today.

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