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January 19, 2016
By Sylvia McNamee

Lifestyle Magazine 105°W Launches in Puerto Vallarta

Mijo! Brands is pleased to announce the launch of 105°W, a digital magazine now available for download on the Apple Store.

Lifestyle Magazine 105°W Launches in Puerto Vallarta

Mijo! Brands, the brand strategy and digital marketing agency based in Mexico City, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest project: 105°W, a bilingual digital magazine available on the Apple Store.

The interactive magazine covers the best of the Vallarta • Nayarit lifestyle. Published quarterly, 105°W (named after Puerto Vallarta’s geographical coordinates) informs readers about the latest nightlife and restaurants, fashion and smart investing in the Banderas Bay region.

Targeted to sophisticated readers and financed by a private investor, 105°W has attracted the interest of both the general public and advertisers eager to explore this new advertising opportunity.

Wayne Franklin, President and Broker at Tropicasa Realty, said that “in recent years, the opportunities presented by the digital environment have greatly increased, as reflected by the decrease in relevance and scope of traditional media. With this in mind, and as part of our dedication to sustainable business practices, we decided to venture into this means of multimedia communication to show the best of Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay living.”

It is estimated that at least 60% of tablet users regularly read magazines and newspapers on their mobile devices. With the 105°W Magazine project joining other Mijo! Brands designed apps including “Official Guide to the City of Puerto Vallarta” in 2013 and “C!ne App” released in 2014, Mijo! Brands strengthens its position as a leading innovator in the development of mobile applications.

Download 105°W Magazine to your tablet.

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