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October 22, 2015
By Sylvia McNamee

Why Your Brand Should Be Using Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a key part of any successful digital strategy.

Why Your Brand Should Be Using Facebook Advertising

Overlooking Facebook Advertising is a big mistake that a lot of brands and businesses are still making. When paired with a strong digital strategy, Facebook Ads can be what makes the difference in pushing your brand to the next level. Mijo! Brands looks at reasons why you should be investing some of your advertising budget into Facebook:

Quick Changes

Don’t love the way the creative turned out on your last ad campaign or it isn’t generating the buzz you wanted? Facebook Advertising gives you the ability to run new creative weekly.

Hone in On Your Market

You can use your market research plus Facebook data to create targeted marketing campaigns which will be able to reach new people who are similar to your customer base, and are likely to be interested in your business.

A/B Testing

A great feature of Facebook Advertising is found in the Power Editor with the split a/b testing tool. This allows you to gain valuable insight into what works for your brand and what doesn’t.


Facebook has over 1.19 billion mobile monthly active users, with 745 million daily active users on mobile, and Facebook Ads puts your brand in the palm of their hands.

Facebook Insights

Metrics you can track like page performance metrics, engagement metrics, audience demographic, impressions and reach let you understand how potential customers are engaging with your online ads.

Facebook advertising is a key part of any successful digital strategy. Have you tried it? What were your results and did it benefit your brand? Leave us your comments below.

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