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September 15, 2015
By Sylvia McNamee

Social Proof: Influencing the Market

Mijo! Brands offers 5 ways to add social proof into your business marketing.

Social Proof: Influencing the Market

Have you ever wanted to try a new restaurant because every time you walked by it was full or overhead heard strangers talking about how good it was? Then you have been influenced by what is known by sociologists, physiologists and marketing experts as “social proof”. So how do you incorporate this strong marketing dynamic into your promotional strategy? Mijo! Brands offers ways to add social proof into your business marketing.

1) Testimonials
Adding feedback from someone outside of your company or organization adds credibility to your website. Testimonials have even greater impact when they are accompanied by review photos or video.

2) Review Sites
Yelp, TripAdvisor, Amazon and Facebook reviews are all perfect examples of the power that review sites yield in the online world.

3) Celebrity or Expert Endorsement
Consumers tend to put trust in people who are well-known or seen as experts in their field, so an endorsement from a spokesperson who fits in line with your brand identity can be powerful.

4) Badges and Logos
Adding “as seen on” logos or badges/awards on your website, shows consumers that your product or service is respected and legitimate.

5) Social Connections
“Likes”, subscriber counts and the number of shares from your social media all show potential consumers that you are popular, interesting and engaged with your audience, which inspires them to connect with you and your brand.

Social proof is something that influences almost every consumer every day, from checking product reviews online, to hearing that a friend is happy with a new purchase, to even deciding which restaurant looks good for lunch in the food court at the mall. Have you gotten involved in sharing your voice and opinion about brands and their products online? Tell us about your experience with social proof below.

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