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August 5, 2015
By Sylvia McNamee

Why Google+ Was Such a Minus

Why did Google+ fail to be the game-changer in the social media world? We are theories from former Google employees.

Why Google+ Was Such a Minus

Google is such a powerhouse that it was widely anticipated that their social media platform, Google+, could not only compete with but surpass other social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. But in spite of users logging in to access Google Drive, Gmail and Google apps, Google+ has been far from successful as a social networking site. But why? Former Google staffers have plenty of theories.

1. The platform was too similar to Facebook and too late to market, coming from more a competitive standpoint than an innovative one.

2. Google+ created a way to connect all Google products, but it was less simple to use than other social media platforms like Facebook.

3. Google+ was too slow in moving into the mobile market.

The social network was also dealt a huge blow when, in a surprise move, Vic Gundotra, who led the Google+ project and was instrumental in its creation, left Google without a clear succession plan for Google+.

So what is the real reason Google+ failed to be the game-changer in the social media world that Google anticipated? It seems it depends on who you ask but one thing is for certain: In the digital landscape, even a heavy hitter like Google can fail without a strong strategy.

What's your theory on the failure of Google+? Leave us your thoughts below.

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