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July 8, 2015
By Daniel Gómez

Mijo! Brands reveals Applegate Realtors new strategy

Applegate Realtors, the first real estate agency founded in Puerto Vallarta, renews its corporate image to strengthen its leadership position in the industry.

Mijo! Brands reveals Applegate Realtors new strategy

Applegate Realtors, a leading real estate agency and the first to open its doors in Puerto Vallarta, has caught the attention of the industry with its new corporate image that reinforces its leadership, innovation and a new range of services that go beyond the traditional.

Based on almost 50 years of experience in Puerto Vallarta, Applegate Realtors has responded to the global demand to provide increasingly efficient and customized services to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers in one of the country's most competitive sectors.

To do this, Applegate hired digital communications agency Mijo! Brands in October 2014, to polish and reinforce the attributes and philosophy that had enabled its more than 40 success.

“To better serve our customers and stay ahead in this industry, we analyzed every element of our offer -from the website to the way we answer the telephone to ensure that every contact we have with our customers provides a tangible value-added,” said Moray Applegate, Director of Applegate Realtors.

He contends that the focus of the project lies in the wholesale redevelopment of Applegate's digital strategy including the company's sales and rentals website, as well as the introduction of the ambitious Vista 360 service, a new service offering focused on facilitating the purchase/sale process as well resolving many of the logistical challenges faced during the relocation to another country. According to Applegate, Vista 360 has allowed Applegate Realtors focus and exploit its extensive knowledge and expertise in the sector which is resulting in a more responsive, effective and customer-centric philosophy while simultaneously extending their reach.

“We have enjoyed the opportunity of working with the leading brands in real estate in the region, because of this we can attest to the incredibly high quality and variety of options in real estate services in the bay. Each of our agencies approaches the business and their clients in a distinct way, reflecting their values, service attributes and philosophy and their individual commitment to excellence which we package into their brand strategy. The high degree of competitiveness in real estate is a very good thing for the consumer due to the high level of innovation that the intense competition generates,” said Daniel Gomez, partner Mijo! Brands.

During the last 10 years, the demand in real estate in Mexico has exploded due to the implementation of a number of economic and structural reforms at the federal level that have attracted foreign investors as well as between 5 and 7 million baby boomers, that require housing and other services in many of Mexico's key destinations.

Applegate Realtors, with 4 offices across the bay, is aggressively positioning itself, via its refreshed image, digital strategy and its Vista 360 offer to respond to and exploit the opportunity that the booming real estate sector is generating. The benefits for residents and investors extend beyond the local economy, touching all aspects of the community including social and cultural benefits as well as increased competitiveness in a broad spectrum of professional services.

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