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June 10, 2015
By Jorge Chávez

Why should you give the human touch to a brand?

Mijo! Brands presents a series of steps to help humanize your brand and offer excellent service to customers.

Why should you give the human touch to a brand?

Recent studies acknowledge that if companies want to provide excellent customer service, they should focus on emotional connections. And it often happens that when we contact a company, we stumble upon an answering machine (which is a very impersonal form of communication). Following this, experts suggest creating emotional ties, or, more specifically, to give the human touch to a brand.

Although it seems like a simple mission, the process of humanizing the brand is not something you can conceive at any moment… On the contrary, takes time. It all starts with trust. The 2015 Edelman Barometer indicated that 80% of respondents acknowledged that they hired a service or purchased a product based on the confidence that the brand emitted.

And how can you foster that credibility with your customers? Through your employees or partners, since they are the ones currently driving your brand. Here are three ways to humanize your brand:

• Autonomize employees or collaborators
Training is one of the most powerful tools in the business world. If your employees or collaborators are trained, they can make important decisions and resolve problems for your customers without having to consult a superior. When workers or employees have sufficient autonomy, they are happier at work and therefore more likely to be ambassadors of your brand.

• Thank your customers
A box of chocolates or a good coffee could be two easy ways to delight and amaze your customers. Saying “thank you” will always be highly valued.

• Leaders in social networks
The leaders of your company are the main actors in the social profile of the brand. This is another technique that can be implemented to ratify the confidence in the brand. If on top of that the CEO tweets or shares publications on LinkedIn, customers end up familiarize your face with your brand and vice versa.

Have you implemented these practices in your company? Leave your comments further down and start the debate.

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