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June 15, 2015
By Guillermo Lamphar

Consejo CEA in Puerto Vallarta

Mijo! Brands participated for the second year in this great event with a talk entitled “The Challenges and Benefits of the Digital Age”.

Consejo CEA in Puerto Vallarta

Thanks to the organization of the Consejo CEA every year, the city of Puerto Vallarta receives one of the most important conventions nationwide.

On this occasion, the VIII National Congress of Advertising and Marketing was held over the weekend of June 12-14, 2015 at the Hotel Friendly. Mijo! Brands had the honor of participating for the second year in this great event with a talk entitled “The Challenges and Benefits of the Digital Age” which was given by Ramón López, Director of Web Strategy and Jorge Chávez, Content Editor and Campaigns.

With the firm intention to clarify the picture and clear any doubts students may have about technology trends, we showed a small chart of the different perspectives held about the digital environment of today, contributing over 7 years of knowledge and experience that has given them the opportunity to continue to grow and give that magic touch through digital marketing.

The digital age represents an enormous opportunity for the development of new business models and penetrating new markets. Based on this, we decided to share the challenges that we have faced when supporting traditional businesses and newly created enterprises in their transition to the new phase of development which includes not only delving into the world of the internet, but utilizing all of the implemented tactics and strategies to remain there for the long term.

The process of creation and management was covered over the course of an hour; as well as various practices that were implemented during the development of projects with the aim that the audience may have a broader view of the magnificent possibilities addressed to digitization offers, regardless of whether the audience will become service providers, work with a private company or choose to undertake enthusiastically.

In this regard, Ramón López stressed the ability of the digital age to optimize the internal processes of any business, since “a company that continually practices digital standards not only discovers new ways of selling or new forms of payment and / or distribution, but it forces them to become more efficient in their communication processes, response times, structure, design and positioning in almost all other areas involved in customer service.”

The Consejo CEA was created in 2004 by a group of student council coordinators studying different careers in various universities in Mexico. It emerged with the aim of offering society a boost ahead through high quality conferences to assist in the training of professionals who are aware that we are amid a dynamic environment that encourages innovation, generating ideas and professional relationships.

As an agency, we are very proud to participate in events with the potential to remove barriers that prevent commercial development. We appreciate all the hospitality extended by the staff of the CEA Board throughout the process.

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