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May 13, 2015
By Jorge Chávez

What do moms do on the Internet?

What do moms do online? Mijo! Brands presents several studies that reveal what their preferences, online activities and hobbies are on the Internet.

What do moms do on the Internet?

The challenge of being a mom has always been huge. At present, there are more tools (gadgets) and information that have forced them to expand their skillset, but also more efficiently streamlines their tasks and duties.

Today, moms are embedded in social networks. A study by Iexposure showed that 90% of them are friends with their children on Facebook, and goes on to point out that in recent years, the use of social networks by mothers has increased by up to 591%.

This is because, the main activities of moms on Facebook, are:
• Become a friend of your friends
• Discuss what your friends post
• Share photos of your childhood
• Ask you for help to continue or start a game
• Yell at you

In Pinterest, cooking recipes account for 91% of the pins they have in all their categories. However, Forbes notes that social networks preferred by women are Twitter (77%), Facebook (75%), LinkedIn (17%) and Foursquare (9%).

But not everything is reduced to social networks. Moms are shopping online, on the lookout for the latest developments, watch the program they missed the day before and keep in constant communication with their loved ones and friends.

According to a report by IAB Mexico and Millward Brown, 70% of moms go online mainly from mobile devices and navegate at least two hours daily. This same report notes that the emotional bond digital moms have with internet strengthens, as 90% enjoy to be constantly browsing.

Finally, families of mothers who use the Internet are composed of 1 or 2 children, ages between 0 and 15, that is, children or adolescents.

What other activities are we omitting? Leave your comments further down and start the debate.

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