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May 6, 2015
By Salvador Morales

The importance of content optimization

Content optimization means transforming the keywords in a living text that helps position your website in search engines.

The importance of content optimization

Content optimization is the process of transformation of keywords in a living text which may influence the ability to position itself well in organic search results.

Writing a website is completely different from writing in print. Your website should be as important as your customers and here is where you have to write thinking about what your users are searching for… in other words, how to optimize the content you produce for your web.

It is much more effective to optimize what already exists instead of trying to write something for SEO from scratch. When you try to work a piece of creative content around an exact key phrase, it tends to give it a mechanical feel and this isn't what you want for your brand.

Here are some tips for you to build content with the best practices, along the lines of your marketing plan, which will allow you to:

• Capture the attention of your customers and extend retention rates of visitors to your website
• Acquire a better ranking in the results of web searches made by users
• Improve the performance indicators of your site

Written content must have a clear and specific purpose. The words should be planned as part of an optimization strategy because reading time is scarce and there are thousands of other written pages to compete with.

The titles of your posts are very important because they encourage the user to read on. A good title should contain that keyword, which is appealing to the reader and should continue throughout the post.

The second part of the title is used as bait to arouse in the reader's interest and that is add two, three or four words. These tips will help your content get well received by Google.

Did you use any of these tips? Leave your comments further down.

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