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May 22, 2015
By Daniel Gómez

Civil organizations and the Challenge of Communications

The workshop “Civil organizations and the Challenge of Communications” will be the first course in a new series of intensive workshops to be taught by Mijo! Brands.

Civil organizations and the Challenge of Communications

In this day in age, it is not enough to have the desire to change the world, civil or not-for-profit organizations need to have the knowledge and ability to communicate that desire to motivate others to join their cause.

The most recent National Survey on Philanthropy and Civil Society in Mexico (ENAFI), conducted between 2005 and 2008 indicated that 60% of respondents said they prefer to give directly to needy individuals with only 16% preferring to donate to institutions (and another 16% claiming to have no preference what so ever).

“This is a reflection of how, despite a change in philanthropic attitudes in our country, a distrust of civil organizations prevails, requiring social organizations to professionalize and focus their messages better,” says Ana Lilia Medina Varas Valdes, Communications Coordinator at Fundación Punta de Mita.

The statistic highlight the dichotomy of the need to promote civil participation and the difficulties currently faced by civil -social organizations to conquer the public´s fear of fraud and in its place build trust.

In order to achieve that trust, organizations must not to confuse the brand and its strategy with its visual identity (which is the visible expression of this strategy). The brand strategy is the organization from an internal perspective and the actions or policies that it develops in response to how it communicates this perspective or world view, which will eventually distinguish it from the other civil organizations.

The communication of these brand values, or narrative, of the organization is an ongoing process that when done correctly can foster success, efficacy and growth of the organization for the long term, benefitting both its stakeholders in particular and society in general.

Effective communication (either with the beneficiary, the sponsor, the community, the media or government agencies), requires insight, clarity and simplicity. The benefit or added value offered by civil organizations can serve to mobilize it´s internal teams and inspire their sponsors, and in the best of possible scenarios, promote a change of culture in the community in which it operates.

The workshop “Civil organizations and the Challenge of Communications” will be the first course in a new series of intensive workshops to be held on Tuesday May 26, 2015 at Casa Velas in Puerto Vallarta Hotel. The workshop given to civil organizations Vallarta • Nayarit will be presented by the digital marketing agency Mijo! Brands.

The course was conceived and developed in close collaboration between Fundación Punta Mita and Mijo! Brands to strengthen civil society organizations in the Bay of Banderas and improve the quality of life in the community through close collaboration with the private sector as in this case, the Hotel Casa Velas, which is donating the use of a conference salon where the training workshop will take place.


Daniel Gómez – Strategist. Daniel splits his time between crafting brand strategies and seeking out exciting new-business opportunities. Daniel received his MBA from South Bank University in London in 2007, England where he specialized in knowledge management and innovation. While in London, he worked as a brand strategist working across Europe and the Middle East in various sectors including retail, luxury goods, professional services, telecommunications, finance and high-tech start-ups. Daniel is currently training for the 2017 London Marathon

Jorge Chávez – Content & Campaigns Editor. Seduced by the power of language, Jorge decided to study Multimedia Communications Engineering at the Centro Universitario de la Costa. Over time he began to apply his communication skills to scriptwriting for online television programs, radio program production and writing articles for various print media. His passion for words has led him to participate in literary, spelling and creative writing competitions at the national level. At Mijo! Brands, he brings his expertise in developing content strategies and advertising campaigns. At night, he explores different worlds and cultures through reading.

About Fundación Punta Mita
The Fundación Punta Mita seeks to foster a cultural shift to inspire residents and visitors to Punta de Mita and Bahía de Banderas to contribute through proposals, actions and dreams to improve our communities, guide the efforts of other groups, organizations, corporations and individuals that share our ideals. Visit:

About Hotel Casa Velas
An exclusive adults only resort in Puerto Vallarta, listed as the 8th globally by Expedia and located in 8th place in the top 15 hotels in Mexico by Condé Nast Traveller. Casa Velas is an oasis that combines excellent, personalized service in an exclusive setting allowing guests to enjoy the sound of the waves, while spectauclar sunsets, sparkling beaches all the while rejuvenating their spirits. Visit:

Workshop Details

WHERE: Hotel Casa Velas
WHEN: Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Those civil / nonprofit organizations that are interested in participating in this or future workshops, please contact to for more information.

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