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April 14, 2015
By Salvador Morales

The pillars of SEO

How to know what are the main pillars of SEO even when Google is constantly changing its search algorithm?

The pillars of SEO

Because Google is constantly changing its search algorithm and considering more than 250 ranking factors, it is difficult to condense the subject of SEO in one article. However, Mijo! Brands wants to share you what they consider the foundation of a good SEO.

• Technical Health
In many cases, websites are full of obstacles for Google web crawlers, such as misuse of robot.txt, 404 errors and site maps that are omitted in programming. Moreover, problems of duplication are caused by normalizing URL meta-tags and titles, and in the excess use of content. On the positive side, these technical problems are often easy to find and solve.

• Web Functionality
Closely related to technical health, functionality refers to how users interact with a website. The SEO is very dependent on the user experience and it is essential that users have a pleasant interaction as they browse a website's pages. This experience may be affected by the slow load times of the page, broken links, if the site structure is confusing, if site is not responsive, or other factors.

• Page Optimization
This is what people normally think of when someone says “SEO”. On the web, the optimization is to use keywords with a relatively high search volume and low competition for use in page names, titles, tags and content.

• Authority
Authority refers to factors outside of a website that make an organic ranking. You can think of the authority as the reputation of your website. In the eyes of Google, a link from another website to your website is a vote of confidence that your content is quality. For this reason, it is imperative that you build a profile of links to your site.

• Social
Social media signals (likes, shares, tags, etc.) are one of the things that Google searches with their algorithm, but more importantly, it is the power of social media within your content marketing strategy. As more businesses and consumers use social media as sources of information, the opportunity to get your content in front of relevant people has never been greater. Quality content is shared and spreads rapidly, generating potential client leads.

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