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March 12, 2015
By Salvador Morales

5 programming languages you have to learn in 2015

To stay ahead in this changing world, Mijo! Brands presents five programming languages that you must learn in 2015.

5 programming languages you have to learn in 2015

Each year, the world of technology expands immensely. As smartphones and tablets evolve, competition between devices also thrives in the market. For this reason, programmers and web developers are in great demand today.

1. Java
Java is considered as the perfect language for developers and programmers. Currently it is a higher level of programming language and has grabbed the top position with Android OS. Java can be used for applications based on mobile phones, for creating desktop applications and for the establishment of Android apps on tablets and smartphones.

2. PHP
If web developers want to expand a web application quickly and effortlessly, then they should learn about PHP. This programming language is the real foundation of content for many strong management systems, such as WordPress.

3. JavaScript
While you are updating your site, JavaScript is extremely functional and can help in the generation of communication for your website. It is very important to know about JavaScript for interactive web pages. JavaScript is applied for the inclusion of animations in web pages, uploading new images, scripts or other objects.

4. Swift
Less than a year old, Swift language programming has captured the eyes and keyboards of developers worldwide as a new, quick and easy way to develop Apple Mac and iOS systems. The broad power of Swift, with a very simple syntax, enables anyone with a Mac to build the next killer app for iOS or Mac OS X.

5. C (C++ | C#)
Why does the C language remain popular? C is small, fast and powerful. If you're building a software for embedded systems, working with the nuclei of the system, or just want to squeeze every last drop of the resources you have on hand, C is lethal.

Written by Salvador Morales to Mijo! Brands of Mexico.

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