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December 8, 2014
By Salvador Morales

Social Media in 2014

Mijo! Brands presents a number of interesting facts regarding the use of social media in 2014.

Social Media in 2014

The social media trend arrived, grew quickly and shows no sign of letting go. The preference towards this method of communication and commerce continues to grow and the opportunity it creates should be capitalized on and continued.

Mijo! Brands presents some interesting facts regarding the use of social networks in 2014:

• Mobile devices play an important role in the world of social media since 60% of users accessed networks through them.

• Instagram and Vine showed great growth thanks to their use of 15 second micro-videos, already more popular on social networks than photos.

• Internet marketing will account for 25% of the advertising market in 2015.

• 93% of marketers use social networks for business.

• 34% of marketers have been able to make successful sales through Twitter.

• Over 70% of marketers have succeeded in getting new customers through social media.

• In the US, social media accounts for 15 minutes of use per hour with 71% of Facebook users accessing their accounts 5 times per day.

• 90% of B2C businesses (Business-to-Consumer) use content marketing.

• 88% of content marketing is social media based, 78% in articles published on websites and 72% is content for blogs.

• LinkedIn is the fastest growing social network among companies that want to share content, with a 71% usage rate (20% more than in 2013), and those numbers are expected to grow significantly in 2015.

What do you think are the social media trends we’ll be seeing develop in 2015? Leave me your comments below.

Written by Salvador Morales of Mijo! Brands, Mexico.

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