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November 18, 2014
By Jorge Chávez

Advertising on Google and Facebook

Mijo! Brands has prepared this brief overview to help shed some light on Google and Facebook advertising.

Advertising on Google and Facebook

Today a lot of people are talking about advertising on Facebook and Google, but most don't fully realize the specific benefits that this investment can provide a brand. Thinking of your business, Mijo! Brands has prepared this brief overview to help shed some light on Google and Facebook advertising.

Advertising on Facebook
Facebook advertising allows businesses to meet new customers and maintain contact with them. Usually internet advertising reaches 38% of the target audience but Facebook produces a much higher reach of 89%.

The reason for this high statistic is that the ads are displayed to specific groups of people who maintain high network activity. The secret is that if an ad is well-targeted and the content is interesting, it will receive “Likes” and/or comments resulting in the ad being shared more times. The minimum budget to start an advertising campaign on Facebook is only $5 USD per day.

Advertising on Google
Google Adwords is by far the strongest internet advertising solution for brands today because it offers access to millions of customers who have probably would never have been reached through traditional advertising in print, radio or television.

In Mexico, some 50 million Google searches are performed daily and in 2012 investment in online advertising grew 49%, confirming it as a global trend. Differing from Facebook, Google advertising is more oriented to customers seeking a product or service. The minimum budget to start an advertising campaign on Google is only $100 pesos per day.

Major Differences
It is necessary to note that Google Adwords focuses on allowing the customer find what they are specifically looking for while Facebook Ads works by assessing user profiles, which does not mean that the user is necessarily looking for your services or products.

While Facebook Ads will increase a business's number of followers, it does not guarantee that they will have brand loyalty. Furthermore, suspending service will result in a decrease in web presence and lower interaction. Using Google Adwords, website positioning will not increase through organic searches and when suspending the campaign a significant decrease will be observed in the number of visits.

Both campaigns should be part of a comprehensive strategy that includes electronic and traditional media. They are a tool to publicize the brand, promote a specific action and increase relationships with users. Also, being able to have access to statistics allows for analysis to modify or continue strategy to get a better return on investment.

Case studies

Mijo! Brands, the branding and digital marketing agency, has been developing various online advertising campaigns with the following results:

• Vallarta Pride
To promote the event held from May 22 to 26, 2014, Mijo! Brands carried out an advertising campaign on Facebook for the ultimate 10 days prior to the beginning of the festival. The campaign received 69,418 impressions which were obtained through 5 advertised posts.

• Luxury Screens
Located in Mexico City, this outdoor architectural design company came to Mijo! Brands to launch an advertising campaign on Google focused on a keywords strategy. The result was more than 1,000 visits per day to the Luxury Screens website and resulting sales exceeded the investment cost within the first month.

• Latin Fever 2014
The popular LGBT event seeks to reposition Puerto Vallarta as one of the top gay destinations in Mexico, and has contacted Mijo! Brands to launch an advertising campaign on Facebook that will run from November 17 to 27 to promote the event in the final 10 days prior to opening.

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