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October 14, 2014
By Salvador Morales

The Relationship between Branding and SEO

Today, brand strategy includes numerous marketing techniques, including the relationship between branding and SEO positioning.

The Relationship between Branding and SEO

Today, the creation of a brand has endless rules and marketing techniques, but one of the most important principles is the relationship between branding and SEO positioning.

Your online positioning campaign is almost as important as your business plan, so when we are in the process of branding we need to take into account that users relate your website with your brand and the name of your business, a situation that helps to increase the number of visitors.

So it's important to keep in mind certain principles in your brand strategy:

• The brand must match the Internet domain and brand name must be easy to remember and pronounce.

• Do not fall into the cliché of certain words, for example, if your brand is a firm of architects, avoid using “arch” as a prefix.

• When you develop content for your business, avoid uncomfortable topics, such as religion or politics. And you should always obey the rules of grammar and spelling.

And where will you find your users and followers? The answer is very simple: on social networks, so your presence there is key. Having accounts on Facebook and Twitter is basic strategy, since they are social networks with the highest numbers of internet surfers. From there you can expand to other social networks that best suit your business needs.

See what the competition posting, but be careful not to copy their content, but use it for observation and strategy analysis. In this link you will find some tips you can follow when working on social networking.

What other recommendations have you implemented? I invite you to leave me your comments below. 

Written by Salvador Morales for Mijo! Brands of Mexico.

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