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October 6, 2014
By Jorge Chávez

Digital Communications in 2014

The trend in digital communication is to work hand in hand with leading online influencers and opinion-makers.

Digital Communications in 2014

Communication and public relations have changed completely. The digital environment has brought new channels, different dynamics and different approaches that professionals have begun to adapt to their strategies. But what are the indicators that have determined this evolution?

Recently, Augure published a report* of collected data from various publications and studies in the field of communication and public relations over the last year, providing concrete data on trends. For example:

• 57% of PR companies use Twitter to contact journalists and influencers (an influencer has the ability to mobilize and generate opinions, attract a potential audience and increase the level of participation in a conversation).

• 66% of professionals believe that email is the best channel to contact influencers.

• 73% more of media professionals have contact with online influencers than over two years ago.

• 46% of journalists use Twitter as a news source.

• 70% of journalists prefer to create stories in collaboration with PR companies than to simply receive a press release.

• 64% of journalists believe it is necessary to establish a personal connection with a company before writing a story.

• 44% of communications professionals think that measurement has become the main challenge.

Based on this, we can easily determine that the point of public relations is to work hand in hand with opinion-makers who are truly relevant to your brand.

What other trends do you think that should be included? Leave me your comments further down and start the conversation.

*This guide was created based on responses from more than 600 marketers and communication across Europe.

Map of Digital Communication 2014 (Spanish only).

Jorge Chavez is a Senior Editor at Mijo! Brands of Mexico.

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