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September 2, 2014
By Salvador Morales

Marketing Plan: The Business of Your Business

81% of companies that employ over a thousand employees have specific marketing strategies.

Marketing Plan: The Business of Your Business

Marketing has become a key issue for companies that are trying to conquer new markets because it keeps their brand current and helps to combat changing challenges and opportunities that present themselves in business.

A company without a marketing plan is like a car without an engine or a ship without a clear destination… it just will not get anywhere. This is why a strong marketing department is responsible for planning the success of the entire company.

According to a survey by Marketo in 2013, 81% of companies that employ over a thousand employees have specific marketing strategies.

So if a marketing plan is so important to see your business grow, you need to start create one even if it will require future adjustments.

Mijo! Brands presents some of the benefits of developing a marketing plan:

• It Serves as a Map
It will be your guide to achieve the goals of your company.

• It is a Strong Organizational Tool
It will help your company organize by assigning tasks and the deadlines to achieve them.

• It is a Mechanism for Disseminating Information
New participants will know their exact role in the strategy and what are the goals.

• It Alleviates Stress
Future problems, threats and opportunities can be assessed and contingencies created to avoid being sidetracked from your business' goals.

Therefore, if you want your company to reach new frontiers and do not forget to create a strong marketing plan to ensure development in the short, medium and long term.

Written by Salvador Morales of Mijo! Brands, Mexico.

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