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September 16, 2014
By Jorge Chávez

Local SEO

Mijo! Brands offers you a brief guide to local SEO search engine optimization best practices.

Local SEO

Thanks to the boom in smartphones and tablets, local SEO has become increasingly important in recent years because Google shows relevant results based on where you are located.

According to a study by the Internet giant, 95% of users use their mobile devices to find local nearby and location is a strong motivator for consumers.

Local SEO is the way to position local content (city, neighborhood and even street) in search engines, specifically Google.

On this basis, local SEO has become increasingly more important and Mijo! Brands presents a series of steps to follow to improve your ranking:

• Create a local page on Google Plus
Google Places has become Google Plus Local and creating a profile is relatively simple.

• Mentions are the new links
The best starting point is free local directories which receive good interaction from users.

• Encourage your clients to post online reviews of your business
Google relies almost 40% on opinions when it comes to positioning a local business.

• Use geolocation platforms
Instagram and Foursquare are tools that allow you to upload photos with geolocation. This will help let Google know that your company is there.

• Optimize your Website
Google functions through a complicated web of related information. Your website SEO is very important in helping your achieve strong local positioning.

• Post the same information on all platforms
It is very important that all social networks the same contact information with postal code.

• Create a blog
This is a good way to attract traffic through keywords that are not strictly related to your business, but may attract potential customers who are looking for information about the area.

The future shows that as search results become increasingly personalized results, those results will also become more location based.

Jorge Chavez is Senior Editor at Mijo! Brands of Mexico.

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