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April 22, 2014
By Jorge Chávez

5 Tips to Find a Job using your Social Profiles

Mijo! Brands presents some basic tips that you should not forget when starting a job search.

5 Tips to Find a Job using your Social Profiles

If you want a change in your career to find a better job or simply explore new work opportunities, your social media profiles can prove to be very helpful if you follow some basic tips:

1. Create a LinkedIn profile
Many employers or human resources managers use this platform to connect with colleagues and seek potential job candidates. Be sure to update your CV and use a profile picture that is attractive and looks professional.

2. Use other social networks
Don’t neglect your online presence on networks like Facebook or Twitter. Many employers will want to know a little more about you and will look you up on these networks to see what you post and get a better sense of your personality.

3. Avoid compromising content
Your opinions on politics, religion and other controversial issues that open debates on your social networks can be fine; however, nothing good can come of posting lies, uploading inappropriate content, or badmouthing companies or former colleagues. Remember that what you post on your social networks can come back to haunt you forever.

4. Promote your expertise and knowledge
Start posting links related to your profession, your work and/or documents you've created. Join communities and groups to connect with similar professionals.

5. Connect all your social media in one place
If you have a personal web site, use the contact section to connect to all your social profiles and ways to contact you. It is simple and free to promote them, almost like virtual business cards.

Like everything, when starting a job search, you have to adapt to new norms, new ways of thinking and new technologies. Do you have other social media tips for job seekers? Leave me your comments and start the debate.

Jorge Chavez is a Senior Editor at Mijo! Brands, Mexico.

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