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February 6, 2014
By Sylvia McNamee

Mijo! Innovates by Design

As part of on-going team training, Mijo! Brands recently completed a two day Innovation by Design workshop.

Mijo! Innovates by Design

As part of on-going team training, Mijo! Brands, the brand placement, advertising and strategy agency, recently completed a two day Innovation by Design workshop as part of an affiliation program with TechBA Vancouver.

The acceleration model of TechBA (Technology Business Accelerator) is aimed at catalyzing the development of companies, facilitating access to an international network of high level consultants and experts, enabling companies to rapidly improve their value proposition to ensure their long-term success at the international level.

TechBA integrates specialized support systems tailored to the value proposition of each company and offers continuous mentoring to improve all areas of the company, in alignment with opportunities.

The workshop took place during the first weekend of February and was led by Angèle Beausoleil, whose credentials include her position as Editor-in-Chief of the SoDA Report and her instructional role in Design Strategy at the Saunder School of Business at the University of British Columbia, as well as experience having led strategic design sessions and lectures for numerous Fortune 100 creative agencies and brands.

The team at Mijo! Brands were challenged to reshape their views on innovation in exercises designed to provide a highly focused and creatively agile approach to better organizational, product, process and service design.

Continued professional development, team building and training seminars are key values at Mijo! Brands, with a dedicated focus on bringing the most cutting edge technology, trends and brand strategy models to our clients.

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