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January 9, 2014
By Jorge Chávez

Mijo! Brands Participates in “Back 2 Puerto Vallarta”

Mijo! Brands has joined forces with the City of Puerto Vallarta, the CVB and API to support the “Back 2 Puerto Vallarta” campaign.

Mijo! Brands Participates in

Mijo! Brands, the marketing,
communication and brand strategy agency has again joined forces with
the City of Puerto Vallarta, the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB)
and Port Administration (API) to support the development of the “Back
2 Puerto Vallarta” campaign.

During this week, an informational
meeting was attended by about 250 people regarding the progress of
this campaign at the API facilities, chaired by Carlos Gerard Guzmán,
the Director of Municipal Tourism, Salomon Pineda Guerrero, Marketing
Manager for API and Daniel Gomez, Brand Strategy Director at Mijo!

The tourism campaign will focus on 2014
cruise passengers and it is projected that approximately 270, 000
visitors will arrive to Puerto Vallarta via cruise ships. The aim of
the campaign is to turn these tourists into repeat visitors,
encouraged to return to Puerto Vallarta with an attractive discount
program offered through participating hotels and other tourist

Carlos Gerard commented that “this
strategy of high impact promotion created with the participation of
the Association of Hotels and Motels in Puerto Vallarta, the National
Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) and different service providers, will
offer various incentives to the average of 2,500 passengers that
arrive on each cruise.”

Meanwhile, Daniel Gomez said that “this
campaign will provide training allowing participants to complete
modules to become ‘certified hosts’. Certified hosts will then be
identified with signage installed at API, in taxis and tourist
vehicles and in participating hotels and service providers.”

This project is key to enhancing
tourism in Puerto Vallarta because numerous API surveys indicate that
a significant number of tourists leave our destination with the firm
intention of returning in the near future.

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