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November 4, 2013
By Sylvia McNamee

Mijo! Brands Runs 5k at the Half Marathon

Mijo! Brands runs the 5k race at the 11th Puerto Vallarta Half Marathon.

Mijo! Brands Runs 5k at the Half Marathon

On November 3rd, 2013 the center
lanes of Avenida Francisco Medina were closed from the Agustin Flores Contreras
Stadium to Las Juntas to allow for the 11th Annual Puerto Vallarta
Half Marathon and 5km race. Over 400 runners registered for the event and
racers gathered at 6:50AM for the starting gun for the half marathon (21 km)
and 7:00AM for the 5km.

Runners from all over North American and
Mexico joined local runners from Puerto Vallarta. Mijo! Brands, the brand
strategy agency, used the race as a team building experience while others ran
in support of friends or family or various causes.

A group of 4 women from Vancouver Island
here on vacation to celebrate a friend’s 50th birthday saw postings about the
5k race and decided to join in, stating “we are in a running group at home and
we thought this would be a fun thing to add to our girl’s trip.”

Some impressive times were run by the
competitive runners in both the 21km and 5km and official results will be
posted in the near future on the event’s website. However, besides the great
show of athleticism, the race had an amazing energy and atmosphere with groups
of friends running together in team shirts, families running the final meters
together holding hands and some incredibly inspirational runners with physical
challenges who made their way to the finish line with determination. 

Perhaps the most touching runner was one
elderly woman, flanked by two loved ones holding each arm, who slowly but with
amazing fortitude completed the 5km showing that you don’t have to be the first
to cross the finish line to be a champion.

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