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November 7, 2013
By Jorge Chávez

Mijo! Brands Launches New Website

Mijo! Brands welcomes the launch of its new website as part of its 5th anniversary.

Mijo! Brands Launches New Website

Mijo! Brands, marketing,
communication and brand positioning agency; welcomes the launch of its new
website as part of its 5th anniversary of its founding in Puerto Vallarta.

Since its inception,
Mijo! Brands has focused on developing a portfolio of consumer and destination
brands that extends throughout North America, South America, Europe and
Oceania. Its more than five years of existence allowed Mijo! Brands to create
unique brand experiences, specializing in providing a wide range of
applications and strategic marketing services both online and offline.

As a pioneering agency,
Mijo! Brands new website was created using responsive technology that has
become a standard in the internet industry. Its modern design allows easier
navigation and features some of its most successful case studies that it
developed with passion, creativity and talent.

Mijo! Brands has been
developing responsive websites and acknowledged it was time to update its image
to lead by example in an industry where increasing use of mobile devices,
including smartphones and tablets, to surf the internet and access social media
sites makes responsive design a must.

Since its debut in 2007,
Mijo! Brands has experienced rapid growth in brand strategy, brand identity,
digital strategy, campaigns, brand activation, web and social media strategy,
and more  recently design or retail spaces
including shops for consumer goods and hotel resorts.

This project was led by
Jorge Chávez, Cinthia Dávalos, Sylvia McNamee, Joel Nápoles and Juan Carlos

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