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September 20, 2013
By Jorge Chávez

Social Media for Realtors

Mijo! Brands offers some brief tips that every real estate consultant can use on their social networks.

Social Media for Realtors

In the world of social media, real estate consultants must listen to their customers, understand their needs and provide solutions just as they do in real life. They must stay informed, communicate information, deliver reports, and provide suggestions and ideas… Again, just like in real life.

Below are some brief tips that every real estate consultant can use on their social networks:

1. Integrity: Your online persona needs to be a real reflection of you. Don’t sell what you do, but rather who you are and share your daily experiences. We recommend using your own photo in your avatar, not a logo.

2. Actively Listen: It’s important to share your interests, but it’s more important to pay attention to the interests of others. The more you know about those in your network, the easier it will interact with them. We recommend using Who’s Talkin? And SocialMention to monitor the activity of your contacts.

3. Make the Effort: Share knowledge regularly and be unafraid to express your point of view. We recommend using social bookmarking like Delicious or Digg when other people share items of interest.

4. Respect: Show respect for the work of others including that of your competition. Prove to your new Facebook or LinkedIn contact you are really interested to be in communicating with them.

5. Consideration: Never ask contacts recommend you or give you a “Like”, and make your social media about connecting with customers and managers in your environment.

6. Responsibility: The ideal is to create original content, but if you are posting content from other sources be sure to add the source and link to the original article. If you make a mistake, apologize publically. If you receive negative comments, take them as constructive criticism.

7. Cooperation: Work with other realtors. Leverage the strength of others and offer your resources for the benefit of all. We recommend adding content to a website or common blog and/or participate in a Fan Page.

8. Trust: Be truthful about the real estate services and benefits that you really offer. This is the easiest way to become a trusted advisor.

9. Courage: Dare to do something new and different. Maybe make a video or try different ways of communicating using your social media. It is a continuous learning process.

10. Objectives: Create a marketing plan and put it in place. Set a daily goals and be steadfast until you achieve them.

How to measure your success online? We recommend monitoring your activities with tools like Google Analytics, Alexa or GetClicky for your website and BudURL, or Bitly for Facebook or Twitter.

What other tips you think we should include? Go ahead and leave your comments below.


Jorge Chavez is a Senior Editor at Mijo! Brands of Mexico.

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