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June 20, 2013
By Jorge Chávez

Heineken & The Candidate

“The Candidate” is a behind-the-scenes film that was released by Heineken, throwing away the interview rulebook.

Heineken & The Candidate

Heineken threw away the interview rulebook and put applicants through a series of unexpected situations. Over 1,700 people applied for the role, which involves following the UEFA Champions League Trophy as it tours the world, with opportunities to meet football heroes.

Shortlisted candidates were invited to Amsterdam for the interview process. The interviews took place in three stages:

The kick-off: Where the boss led the interviewee into the meeting room by holding hands the entire way.

Medical assistance: Which involved helping the boss as he ‘blacks-out’ during the meeting.

Fire drill: Where firefighters call for help to rescue a stranded Heineken employee from the roof after a ‘fire alert’.

Candidates’ responses determined who had the necessary skills to work in the Heineken marketing department.

The entire interview was captured on camera by Heineken, which resulted in “The Candidate”, a behind-the-scenes film that was released to the brands’ marketing team via an internal portal so they could vote for their favorite interviewee from the three best interviews.

The most voted-for candidate was brought to the Juventus stadium for a ‘final test’ during the pre-match ceremony. Giant screens showed the interview process and then announced that the winner, Guy Luchting, had got the job. He now has a placement based at Heineken headquarters in Amsterdam.

Which would be your reaction in a world where we take care of all the details during a job interview?

Jorge Chávez is Senior Editor at Mijo! Brands in Mexico.

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