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April 18, 2013
By Víctor Ramos

Breath: A new method of identification

The iris recognition is out of date, the new thing is breath recognition

Breath: A new method of identification

Some years ago it was discovered that many diseases, like stomach cancer and other digestive diseases, can be diagnosed through tests made from the bacteria, too little to be seen in plain sight but visible using microscopes, contained in the breath.

Recently, members form the distinguished Swiss Federal Institute of Technology confirmed that the compounds found in the breath, although varying lightly depending the actual conditions of the subject, conserve a constant proportion.

This proportion can be registered and be utilized as an identification method similar to fingerprint or iris recognition.

Taking advantage of the fame of some devices like the drunkometer, where people blow through a tube to detect the quantity of alcohol that someone has ingested, the investigators in charge of this project have the hope that this technology will eventually be part of daily life where we will be able of to know what is happening in our own body, diagnose future diseases and identify people at the same time.  

Víctor Ramos is a Community Manager at Mijo! Brands in México.

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