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March 28, 2013
By Jorge Chávez

5 channels in Youtube that are worth subscribing to

Mijo Brands brings you a Top 5 Youtube Channels.

5 channels in Youtube that are worth subscribing to


Being one of the reference sites when speaking about internet videos, YouTube has converted into a huge distribution channel of all sort of content including movies and series that are premiered directly on Internet.

If we have in mind that every minute that passes 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube we can assure you that you’ll find an infinite number of videos with which you will be able to waste some extra time and find some channels that are really worth subscribing to. Here is our Top 5:

1.- Computer History Museum

This channel is an interesting source with which we will be able to increase or knowledge of the history of technology or about what’s going on currently.

2.- Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The MIT channel is worth checking it constantly.  Here we will be able to find a wide variety of videos like talks, project demonstrations and some of the classes that are taught at the institute.

3.- NASA

In the NASA channel we will be able to find weekly summaries of the most relevant news and historic and actual videos related with space exploring.

4.- National Geographic

National Geographic is maybe one of the best channels we can find in YouTube. It has fragments and complete documentaries and many other curious videos.

5.- Marvel

As we said in the beginning, in YouTube you can find videos about everything. Marvel, for example, has a YouTube channel where videos about the characters in their recent movies are displayed, trailers, teasers and more.

Are you subscribed to any of these channels? Do you know another you would like to share?

Jorge Chavez is a Senior Editor at MIjo! Brands in Mexico

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