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September 12, 2012
By Mijo! Brands

“Caras de México” to Create Time Capsule at Los Mangos Library

Caras de México, created by Mijo! Brands, will present a time capsule at Los Mangos Library.

“Caras de México” to Create Time Capsule at Los Mangos Library

Caras de México, created by Mijo! Brands, began as a social experiment but rapidly evolved into a broader collaborative effort that explores the many complex facets of the Mexican identity in 2012.

The social experiment invites Mexicans and foreign nationals to contemplate and debate the emotional, psychological, cultural, and political state of the nation through interviews, essays, videos and photos and art.

Caras de México is a not for profit project which aims to instigate a paradigm shift by inviting participants to define their vision of Mexico.

The 15-day project has seen several events throughout Puerto Vallarta and briefly in Guadalajara, and will close with 2 presentations to the public. The first; a photographic exhibition at the City Hall of Puerto Vallarta, to run from Saturday 15 to 22 September 2012. (Visiting hours to be confirmed)

Caras de México, paying tribute to the great muralists of Mexico, has invited children from local schools to create a temporary mural exploring the Mexican Identity at the Los Mangos Library. Mara Diaz, a promising young local artist, will leverage the creativity of children during the week leading up to the Independence Day celebrations.

Organizers are inviting the public to visit the library this Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 September from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm to witness the young artists as they describe their Mexico.

The mural will be officially launched on Saturday 22 September. To celebrate the mural, Caras de México and Los Mangos are inviting the participants and local children to imagine their future by creating a drawing, writing an essay, or documenting their dreams through photography or video interviews. The material collected from the event will be deposited in a time capsule donated by Mijo! Brands and buried on the library grounds for 25 years to document a moment in Mexico’s history through the eyes of its children.

Los Mangos Library and Caras de México will reopen the capsule in 2037, inviting the original participants to revisit their youth and dreams and, together, analyze the challenges and successes of the country after a quarter century and the evolution of the Mexican identity.

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