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August 20, 2012
By Jorge Chávez

Preserving the Forests and Climate

The National Forestry Commission is making a large scale commitment to the environmental protection of forests in Mexico.

Preserving the Forests and Climate

In the early 90's, world leaders attending the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro recognized the urgent need to do something to combat climate change and environmental degradation.

Twenty years later, the warnings about this phenomenon continues and every year the world loses enough forested land to cover the entire country of Portugal.

We all depend on ecosystems and biodiversity for the air we breathe and the food and water we consume.

Recently, the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) announced that it will channel 52.8 million pesos to Environmental Services for 5 year maintenance plan over 24 thousand hectares of forest in 16 municipalities throughout Jalisco as part of the ProArbol and Cuencas Costeras programs in the state.

Municipalities receiving investment are:

• Talpa de Allende – 4.909 hectares and 9.6 million pesos
• Tonaya – 3.118 hectares and 9.5 million pesos
Puerto Vallarta – 3.109 hectares and 6.2 million pesos
• Mezquitic – 2.963 hectares and 5.6 million pesos

Among environmental issues that the program is committed to are:

• Curbing deforestation and forest degradation
• Promoting the program
• Preventing overgrazing
• Training on ecosystems and biodiversity
• Monitoring and preventing forest fires
• Avoiding changing land use

Undoubtedly, this project will benefit not only those areas that receive support but also ultimately the environment as a whole.  The only missing element of the program?  Penalties for people and companies that refuse to make a commitment to greener practices.

Jorge Chavez is a Senior Editor Mijo! Brands of Mexico.

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