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June 25, 2012
By Michelle Mayer

Apple iOS 6

Featuring more than 200 updates and improvements, Apple’s iOS 6 does not look to reinvent the wheel but rather to ensure a smoother, sleeker and faster ride.

Apple iOS 6

Continually staying on the forefront of new technology has helped Apple revolutionize our everyday lives.  Unveilings are eagerly anticipated by an anxious public and developers seemingly frothing at the mouth.  The most recent splash was made at the WWDC 2012 (World Wide Developers Conference) on June 11.  Featuring more than 200 updates and improvements, Apple’s iOS 6 does not look to reinvent the wheel but rather to ensure a smoother, sleeker and faster ride. 

Among the most welcome improvements are the Facebook integration, new phone App enhancements, photo sharing, new VIP mail system, mapping acquisition and easier integration for app developers. 

Facebook is getting the same treatment that Twitter got with the iOS 5.  Facebook users will have instant access to FB in apps, web browsers and Siri.  Developers also receive a boost by allowing them to easily add access to their apps. Ensuring you never forget your sister’s birthday or your nephew’s 3rd birthday, events, contacts and birthdays on Facebook will now sync with Apple’s devices.

Hailed by sleep-deprived Apple owners everywhere, there is now a “Do Not Disturb” mode on the phone app.  Messages will continue to come to your phone, but the screen will no longer light up and will stay silent when in this mode.  FaceTime will now be available over cellular connections. If you are near your iPad or Mac, you can choose to answer through them instead of your iPhone. Further phone enhancements include reminders to call or text-back missed calls and texts and new ways to group contacts to better control how calls are managed.

Photos and mail also get a make-over with the iOS 6.  Making it easier to share groups of photos over iCloud, users will also be able to comment on photos.  Apple users can now prioritize their mail with a new VIP feature which allows the highlighting of mail from selected people.  In an era of email overload, this is a welcome addition and time-saver.

Capitalizing on recent mapping acquisitions, Apple launches its own mapping app with the iOS 6.   Integrating with Yelp, the new AppleMaps also has a traffic service in the works that will offer real-time incident reports. Additionally, Apple brings its own turn-by-turn navigation to the iPhone, giving traditional GPS’s, like TomTom and Magellan, a run for their money. 

iOS 6 will support iPhone 3Gs and later, 2nd and 3rd generation iPads and the 4th generation iPod touch.

Michelle Mayer is blogger at Mijo! Brands Mexico.

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