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May 17, 2012
By Jorge Chávez

Graphic Design Colors

Graphic Design Colors

Graphic Design Colors

Trending colors in design are often a harbinger for our times. The mood of our times, whether socially or economically-speaking, can be a determining factor on the colors we see in the products we buy.

In graphic design, colors also mirror new technologies’ advances and needs. Tablets with touch screens and smart phones have redefined the industry. It is now important to consider mobile device compatibility in both design and functionality. Hence, graphics must remain attention-grabbing and extremely legible.

Some industry insiders believe the color palate trending currently in 2012 is one that is going back to basics- a palate that circles around black, white and a rainbow prism. Bold primary colors set against black, white or gray make a designpop”, or stand-out.

Hand-in-hand with this trend is the minimalist trend which is also heavily influenced by the general proliferation of mobile devices. Keeping designs clean and simple ensure that content is not lost by the bells and whistles of flash animations or graphic overload –both of which don’t always translate effectively on mobile devices.

Fonts and typography are also being kept simple and readable. Sharp, bold and legible text takes precedence over curvy, ornate and, often, difficult-to-discern fonts.

Trends are just that -always evolving, malleable and changing. Though trends in graphic design do tend to sway in a particular direction, this is not to say that this is set in stone.

In fact, many industries naturally rebuff color trends in favor of a color palate that is more suitable for their particular industry or the message they are trying to convey. For instance, spas and retreats use a softer, earthier palate – one that communicates relaxation, ease and subtlety.

When choosing design colors, it is important to understand your customer-base, functionality and aesthetics.  Modern customers are elusive and are seeking products and services that are fresh -not staid. It is vital to relay tone and message quickly, effectively, legibly and beautifully.

Michelle Mayer is blogger at Mijo! Brands in Mexico.

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