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March 21, 2012
By Jorge Chávez

Google Maps Ends Free Service

Google has introduced limits on the use of Google Maps API. Effective March 1, 2012, enterprises and developers must pay a use fee.

Google Maps Ends Free Service

It all started when a French court fined Google for being free. The company that owns the search engine used on the Internet had to pay half a million euros for abuse of dominant market position in France.

This was the judgment of the Commercial Court of Paris which was based on the charges by the company Bottin Cartographes , dedicated to the commercial maps and localization tools. The judge said because Google Maps is free for everyone (including, of course, companies) it breaks the rules of competition.

Google Maps was first announced on February 8, 2005 and during the first months it operated in beta. Subsequently, to achieve good synchronization between user actions and application response, Google decided to use Ajax. It was June 2005 when Google finally launched its API (Application Programming Interface) of Google Maps.

Because of the French ruling, Google has introduced limits on the use of Google Maps API.  From March 01, 2012 and onward, businesses and developers who want to continue using this service in their applications will have to pay a user fee.

If your application performs more than 25 000 requests for basic maps (political maps with names of locations) or 2 500 requests for complex maps (a combination of maps that lets you view the world with images taken from the satellite with the base map) per day there will be a charge to continue using the Google Maps API.

With this, it seems that we have sadly reached the ends of “Google gives free resources” and is expected to become a private company that needs to generate income.

Would you pay to use the current services that Google provides for free like Gmail or YouTube?

Jorge Chavez is a Senior Editor in MijoBrands of Mexico.

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