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January 6, 2012
By Jorge Chávez

Top Tech Trends 2012

Experts have determined that we have entered the era of ubiquitous connectivity.

Top Tech Trends 2012


Perhaps the single most significant change in our daily lives is perpetual connectivity. We are constantly connected thanks in large part to our smartphones, social media, cloud-based data sharing and the internet.

The world’s largest technical professional association (IEEE) recently released the top consumer electronic trends to watch for in 2012.

These leading IEEE industry experts have determined that we have entered the era, for better or worse, of ubiquitous connectivity. For example, global commerce, aided by this easy access, will thrive and real time monitoring of an individual’s health and environment present new opportunities. 

Other technological trends that will undoubtedly impact our lives are web-based videos streaming on televisions. No longer relegated to techies, Wi-Fi enabled TVs will surge in 2012 with some predicting that by the end of the year approximately 50% of U.S. households and 35% of Canadian households will watch internet videos on 24-inch TVs or larger. Patient monitoring technology will no longer be relegated to clinics and hospitals but have larger accessibility including patients’ homes. The advent of this technology will streamline healthcare, resulting in reduced costs. 

The manner in which we are “plugged in” will also change. New discoveries in the semiconductor industry integrate a slew of networking technology into a more cost-effective and more accessible single chip. Data storage will move from digital files to storage devices that etch data in ceramic. These new files expand the longevity of data, lasting up to a millennium. 

We not only have smartphones but even our cars are getting smarter.  There will be more and more vehicles on the road that that will monitor surroundings and alert drivers to potential hazards, including pedestrians, other vehicles, lane departures and traffic signs. This should significantly reduce car accidents. 

Though much of the trends we can expect to see are beneficial.  There are some that are not.  IEEE experts predict that smartphone hacking will increase.  Since mobile phones are quickly becoming the dominant platform for the web, mobile malware will no become more prominent.  This increased vulnerability is also speculated to impact businesses, as personal devices will continue to be used to access corporate networks.

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