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December 29, 2011
By Jorge Chávez

The most watched videos on Youtube in 2011

YouTube has released its Top 10 most viewed videos.

The most watched videos on Youtube in 2011


This is the season for Top Ten lists. In virtually any arena you can think of, you can find a 2011 Top 10 list compiled.  In this vein, YouTube has released its Top 10 most viewed videos

Because of the enormous popularity that YouTube garners, this list provides a glimpse into what captivated the world – for a couple minutes anyway.  Leading the pack is the video everyone loved to hate, Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. Whopping her competition with more than 180 million hits, Rebecca Black’s infamous video was not so much polarizing, as much as universally panned.  The simplistic lyrics by Black became a viral sensation, even being parodied by the hit show Glee, Stephen Colbert, Katy Perry and YouTube’s own erstwhile phenomenon, Justin Bieber.

The 2nd most watched YouTube video was actually universally enjoyable, the Ultimate Dog Tease. The rest of the list was populated by parodies (intentionally, this time), cute babies and animals (always a fave), popular videos and a funny Volkswagen commercial.

Michael Bolton and the Saturday Night Live crew hold the 3rd spot with 60 million viewers with their “Jack Sparrow” video, followed by the adorable “Talking Twin Babies” showcasing a pair of infant twins chatting away and seemingly understanding every word they utter to each other.  Some have suggested that it should be nominated for “Best Foreign Language Film”.

The 5th spot goes to the marginally annoying Nyan Cat, followed by 3 music videos: Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now”, Nicki Minaj’s “The Creep” and 13-year old YouTube singing sensation, Canadian Maria Aragon belting out Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”.

Volkswagen’s Super Bowl commercial “The Force” features a pint-sized Darth Vader-clad using the force in an attempt to battle the “powers” of a formidable VW Passat.  Rounding out the list is the heart-warming “Cat mom hugs baby”, a video showing a mother cat lovingly cradling her kitten. 

Michelle Mayer is blogger at Mijo! Brands in Mexico.

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