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October 20, 2011
By Jorge Chávez

Nextel chooses a youthful orange

After 12 years of keeping its traditional image, Nextel modifies it, making Nextel it more visually striking, little less structured and more youthful.

Nextel chooses  a youthful orange


After 12 years of keeping its traditional logo, Nextel modifies it and makes it more appealing, a little less structured and more youthful.

NII Holdings, a provider of mobile communications services in Latin America that operates under the Nextel brand, announced this September the launch of its new corporate identity in the region, which includes new slogans, new colors and a new logo.

According to Executive Vice President and Chief of Strategy and Marketing of NII Holdings, Greg Santoro, the new slogan “Your world. Now” talks about the current support available to the brand and at the same time underscores the importance that Nextel currently holds for personal use as well as for business use.

The Vice President of Marketing for Nextel in Mexico, Alberto Escobar, emphasized that the orange was selected as the new logo predominantly because of its freshness and appeal. Also, to give a contemporary look to the brand, the typeface was inspired by everything related to digital. The “X” expresses the union of ideas.

The Executive Chairman of NII Holdings, Steve Dussek, said that the four key brand strategies Nextel intends to carry out the re-release of their brand, are building new networks, add new products, open new channels and point to a wider audience.

As additional data, Nextel Mexico announced on July 27 that received a loan from the China Development Bank (CDB) for $ 375 million to finance the construction and deployment of its 3G network throughout the republic Mexico.

The company currently has 3.5 million new customers and although did not specify how much, try to increase that amount, but nothing today prevents the brand continue to invest in Mexico.

With the introduction of a new logo, slogan and unified visual identity for all Latin America, Nextel hopes to strengthen the recognition and customer loyalty towards the brand have said for over a decade.

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