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October 3, 2011
By Jorge Chávez

Managing social networks through Hootsuite

One of the issues plaguing most companies that are just beginning to dive into the world of social networking, is taking the time to update their accounts and Hootsuite is an excellent tool to manage them.

Managing social networks through Hootsuite


Previously, one of the issues that racked companies that were just beginning to dive into the vast field of social networks the most was where to find the time to update their accounts of Twitter, Facebook (profile and fan page), LinkedIn, PingFm and in beta mode, WordPress, MySpace and Foursquare.

When previously we required a schedule based on what we wanted to share with the world, we have integrated Hootsuite as a useful tool in managing the various social networks.

And Hootsuite, in addition to the what has already been mentioned above, is particularly useful for the following reasons:

a) Since it is an online manager, it does not consume our computer resources.
b) Greater flexibility that allows the user to customize the tool support according to her/his needs.
c) With a single click you post the same message on all networks or those you have individually selected.
d) You can set the date and time for posting messages in advance (useful for holidays / weekends).
e)  It Imports RSS from our favorite blogs and automates their dissemination.
f)  Allows for the use of mobile devices.
g) It has the Hotlet utility (a button on your browser that allows you to publish a message without having to go through the main page of Hootsuite).

Hootsuite uses a single control panel that helps all members of the company work together to schedule updates which can then be published on social networks via the web, from multiple mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Blackberry. Also, you can track the results of the campaign with web analytics and if necessary, quickly adjust the strategy for social networks.

Launched in December 2008 by Invoke Media, Hootsuite  has grown rapidly, including among its users  various  governments (White House), artists (Martha Stewart) and organizations (Zappos), to name a few.

Jorge Chavez is a Social Marketer in Mijo! Brands in Mexico. Follow @ jorgemijobrands 


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