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August 30, 2011
By Mijo! Brands

CANACO and CVB to present social media strategy for Puerto Vallarta

Mijo! Brands has allied with Puerto Vallarta’s CVB and CANACO Servytur to present their “Hop on the Train” social media campaign strategy during a rec

CANACO and CVB to present social media strategy for Puerto Vallarta

Canaco Servytur has allied with Puerto Vallarta’s Convention and Visitor Bureau to present an ambitious social media campaign strategy to promote Puerto Vallarta in conjunction with the local enterprises. 

The Director of Puerto Vallarta’s National Commerce and Tourism Chamber (Canaco Servytur), Carlos Gerard, and President  of the Convention and Visitor Bureau (CVB), Luis Angarita announced their “Hop on the train” campaign during this morning’s press conference. The campaign encompasses a web and social media strategy that aims at relaunching Puerto Vallarta as a tourism destination. Mijo! Brands’ Strategy Director, Daniel Gómez delivered a brief presentation outlining the main goals and objectives.

The presentation will be free of charge for all CVB and Canaco affiliates and destination businesspersons, and will take place on Friday September 23rd at 12:00 pm within the Teatro Vallarta facilities.

Elidee Hernández, Social Media Strategy Coordinator for Mijo! Brands, will take on the task of providing personalized step-by-step social media tools to all in attendance. Likewise, a Groupon strategy pointing out the key benefits, its role and how Puerto Vallarta businesses can participate will also be presented.

The event will without a doubt generate the necessary tools that will succinctly facilitate the destination’s promotion and expected future success. It’s worth mentioning that Grupo Plexon, Teatro Vallarta’s operation enterprise, will also be ‘hoping on the train’ and take part of the event.

On a relating note, Carlos Gerard confirmed that Canaco has reached an agreement with Mijo! Brands to offer its affiliates the option of web developing and social media administration along with alluring discounts.


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