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September 18, 2009
By Mijo! Brands

Mijo! Brands get personal with Maven Partners

Launching a recruitment services company while the world economy continues to free-fall is either a sign of genius or idiocy.

Launching a recruitment services company while the world economy continues to free-fall is either a sign of genius or idiocy. In the case of Maven Partners, it is genius. Maven Partners launches officially this week in the UK, offering specialist finance and taxation recruitment services.It is confident that its wealth of experience within the recruitment industry will guarantee its success.

The partners of the fledgling company see a unique opportunity to offer a holistic service that truly leverages and nurtures its networks.

At Maven Partners we felt that the brief given to Mijo! Brands was a challenging one. We wanted our brand to reflect our personalities, to stand out from the crown, embody our values and yet retain a strong feel of professionalism. We are delighted with the result and initial feedback from the recruitment industry has been extremely positive, said rob Stephenson Partner at Maven.

The Maven name was selected based on the partners' extensive combined expertise in the provision of recruitment services. Maven retained Mijo! Brands in Mexico to identify a brand strategy and design a corporate identity to enable Maven to stand out in the highly competitive sector.

The brand strategy was developed remotely, working closely with the Mijo! Brands team to identify a set of values that resonated both internally and externally. The identity was desgined in response to the need to convey sense of intimacy and care in a sector that is often driven by numbers.

Like many great ideas, Maven was born of a heated debate between the partners. The hand-written style of the logo attributable to the primary sketches in note pads, along with the initial concepts of the company that were developed over time, signal Maven's promise to foster a unique level of intimacy in the relationships the new company will forge with its clients.

This project was very exciting for us as the partners were willing to push the boundaries and develop a brand that truly reflected their commitment and individual personalities, said Daniel Gomez, partner at Mijo! Brands. We went through several iterations of concepts before arriving at the current graphic style, which articulates the personal and creative approach that sets Maven Partners apart in executive search.

Fatima Mora led the design process at Mijo! Brands also developed the watercolour sketches that populate the website and launch collateral. Maven wanted to bring a level of warmth to executive recruitment services, she explains. We explored different avenues that would communicate intimacy and creativity while avoiding the cliché. The water colours convey a distinctly personal message in a sector that is often brutally cold and competitive.


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